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Tips, Tricks & Techniques

New to rugby or an old hand, below you’ll find some of the best tips, tricks and techniques to help you get the most out of your Saturday mornings!

The basics

If you’re new to rugby, we’ve got a couple of handy guides that’ll have that befuddled look off your face in no time.  Click to download them and improve your play or supporting today!

The Play & terms you'll hear 

Gudie 1: Object of the game and terms you’ll hear

Guide 2: AFL to rugby translation guide


We’ve rounded up some of the best instructional videos on the interwebs, so no matter what your skill level there’s something here to improve your game.  Enjoy!

Sidestep masterclass

  • Get the tackler going in one direction (run at an angle)
  • Then change direction at the last minute
  • Keep you arms free to make the offload

Dropkick masterclass

  • Get the drop right: nice & upright, by holding ball in two hands and crouching slightly to hold onto the ball as long as possible
  • Stand at 45 degree angle to your target as you kick
  • Follow through the kick towards the target, taking a few steps, to maximise power

Tackling technique

  • Head up, arms up
  • Shoulder then arms
  • Cheek to cheek
  • Land on top
  • Up and at ’em now!

Download the book! Tackling workbook

Know the rules: What are the rules if you go to ground and it’s not a tackle?

  • You can get straight to your feet and play the ball

Know the rules: What are the rules if you make a tackle?

  • The tackler must release the tackled player immediately
  • The tackled player must release the ball immediately
  • Then the tackler can get to their feet and play the ball or roll away
  • Didn’t go to ground when you were making as tackle? Release the tackled player then get the ball!

Know the rules: What can the tackled player do?

  • Pass off the ground
  • Hand off the ball
  • Roll the ball back
  • Place the ball back
  • Release the ball, get up, pick up the ball and run!

Know the rules: What can players arriving at the breakdown do?

  • Stay on your feet (don’t go down on hands and knees)
  • Come in through ‘the gate’
  • Clear out the opposition, ‘planes taking off’, not ‘planes landing’

Know the rules: How does a ruck work?

  • Ball is on the ground + Two or more players contesting for it = Ruck
  • Once the ruck is formed, you can’t touch the ball with your hands
  • Once ruck is formed, other players joining must bind to their team mates
  • Don’t tackle the half back until the ball is clear of the ruck

Download the book! 2019 Breakdown workbook

Know the rules: How does a maul work?

  • Ball carrier tackled but does not go to ground + Ball carrier’s team mates bind to the ball carrier = Maul
  • When joining the maul, come in through the gate and bind
  • Don’t try to collapse the maul



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