RugbyLink is Rugby Australia’s on-line registration process that we are required to use.  The system takes a little getting used to, but does ensure each player is properly registered and therefore eligible for insurance.

If you’re new to RugbyLink (or even if you’re not!), we recommend that you read through our registration guide before clicking through to register your child.

Click here to download the Participant Registration guide

Or try this YouTube tutorial

If your child has played rugby in Australia before, chances are you will have a MyRugbyID which can be used to log in to RugbyLink and speed up the registration process.  If you don’t know your/your child’s MyRugbyID, please contact us and we’ll find it for you.

Each player needs to be registered individually
Unfortunately, under RugbyLink each player needs to be registered and paid for individually.  So if you are registering more than one child, at the end of each completed registration you will see a little link to ‘Purchase product for another Participant.’ Click on this link to cycle through the registration and payment process again for each child.


This screen shot highlights the link to look for in tiny font at the end of each registration to register your next family member.

If you have any difficulties registering please don’t hesitate to contact Mark Russell, Junior Coordinator via email or phone 0417 509 570.