RugbyXplorer is Rugby Australia’s new on-line registration process that ensures each player is properly registered and eligible for insurance.

All you need to register is an email address and a credit card for payment and your child’s age, height and weight.

The registration process is pretty straight forward and there are step by step instructions below, the only traps are:

  • each player has to be registered and paid for separately – you can’t register all players in one transaction;
  • all players under 18 need to enter their school, height and weight, these are compulsory for all Junior player registrations – more info on Rugby Australia’s size-for-age policy can be found here;
  • if you have a child that is 4 or under they will not be able to register on-line, please just come along to one of our training sessions and speak with Mark Russell, our Juniors President to discuss your options;
  • if you’ve registered for Hawthorn Touch7s or any other Club this year, you’re registration for Kiwi Hawthorn Juniors will be treated by the system as a Club transfer and require clearance – you’ll get a screen telling you that and asking for a reason to transfer, just enter, ‘Touch7s to winter rugby’ or equivalent and you should then receive an email okaying your transfer in the next 24 business hours and allowing you to complete the transfer process; and
  • there is a 2% processing fee, so a $100 registration will see your card debited with a charge for $102.

OK, with that out of the way, follow our step-by-step instructions below to make registering quick and easy.

  1. Click on the image below to access the RugbyAU registration portal

2. Enter your email address and click ‘Continue’
Unless your email address is already recognised by RugbyAU you’ll need to click, ‘Sign me up’.


If your email address is recognised, you’ll be asked to confirm the email address is yours by clicking on ‘Email me a Magic Link’

3. Enter your details to create/confirm your Rugby account


Then click, ‘Sign up’.  You’ll get a confirmation screen like this:


Check your email for an email ‘Welcome to Rugby Xplorer’ and click on the link to ‘Verify email’.

This will open a new page in your web browser asking you to set and confirm a password.


If all goes to plan you have now set up your Rugby Account and you should see your Rugby Account home page, like this, but with your details:


4. Link your other family members to your Rugby Account

Now link your family members to your account (you can set up a Rugby Account for each family member with their own email address, but you don’t have to and it’s probably easier just to do it through one Rugby Account).

Click on ‘Register’ on the left hand side of the screen and then click on ‘Create a Rugby Linked account’ and then click ‘Continue’


Enter the family member’s details and then click ‘Sign up’.

Repeat this step for all family members you wish to register.

5. Now you’ve set up your Rugby Accounts, you can register to play for Kiwi Hawthorn!

Click on ‘Register’ on the left hand side of the screen and then click on the family member you want to register by clicking on their name (a tick should come up against their name).   Then click on ‘Continue’.


You’ll be asked to ‘Enter a Club name’.  Type ‘Hawthorn’ and click ‘Search’.  You should then have a few matches to choose from as below:

Click on ‘Kiwi Hawthorn JRUFC‘ (a tick should then appear next to it) and click ‘Next’.

On the next screen:


Select the following:

Role: Player
Registration type: XVs Juniors or 7s Junior Girls (Touch 7s Girls U16 & U12)
Duration: Season

…and click ‘Next’.

On the next screen confirm your personal details and click ‘Next’.

Then add a head shot or click ‘Skip’ (top right).

Over the next couple of pages you’ll be asked for a few last details, including emergency contact details (in case the player is injured and we can’t speak with you directly) and the player’s school, height and weight.

On the next screen, read and tick the box to say you agree to the National Terms and Conditions, then ‘Continue to Payment’.

Enter your credit card details and ‘Make Payment’.

You’ll then see this screen:


If you’d like to register another family member, click on the sentence at the bottom of the page, each player needs to be registered and paid for individually.

See? Easy!

Ready to Register?

Please click here to start the process.


We can sort it out!  Please just come along to any one of our Tuesday training sessions and let us know where you got stuck – we’ll find a way to fix it, or contact us.

Please note: all player registrations are subject to Rugby Australia’s player terms and conditions.