They ran, and ran, and ran, all day long! Wow, things are really starting to click with this team as they ran in try after try against a very determined Moorabbin defence. Henry was named captain and for this game Coach George had talked to the team about the importance of sharing the ball around and supporting the ball carriers.
Henry led the way by showing some fantastic running and passing, scoring one of the best try’s of the day. Luke also added some great runs but more importantly he passed the ball to his team mates many times and he also managed to run in a try or two.


Leo and Mani stepped up again this week and chased the opposition tirelessly. These two are the engine room of the team. Their two-handed tagging is starting to take the shape of a tackle, as you can see in the photo, but we know that tackling comes later on in their rugby careers when they (and their opposition) are ready for it.



Alice and Elias were yet again unstoppable. Their support play is excellent and they both share the ball among their teammates. Elias has a wonderful sense of finding gaps through the middle of the field while Alice prefers to take the long way around but both are great contributors to the team.


Tharran is one of our newest team members and is picking the game up very well, supporting his teammates from start to finish. His support work earned him not only a great try but also the Team Player of The Day medal. Keep up the great teamwork Tharran!


Well done to all..
See you all at training on Tuesday night….and Go Redbacks!