…..and welcome Melbourne Girls!

At the beginning of the season our Kiwi Hawthorn Junior Girl’s only competition was against our own junior boys, and it was a lot of fun. Then Racing girls joined us, that was even more fun. They played the Wallaby curtain raiser, complete with cartwheels…..fun. A game against the Melbourne Rebels at Govt. House…fun. Eltham joining in ….more fun, and then…..

………we told them there was a Melbourne team called Unicorns! So, when the girls realised that Unicorns were just as real as rainbows & glitter and that they played rugby, we got the feeling that the fun levels in their one-season rugby career was about to peak!


And so it was, as our travelling roadshow continued today, we had a great time at Melbourne RUFC as the Unicorns fielded TWO girls teams. Their girls came from hockey, basketball, netball and other rugby games, some still in their netball skirts! Clearly their “second” sports gave them the perfect skill sets for playing the great game as they carved up play after play….it was just amazing how well they played for two brand new teams.


The Melbourne RUFC worked hard to organise time slots, gear and of course players and were rewarded by watching their girls play some great rugby. The Unicorns worked out very early on that pace was a key factor and managed to catch our girls napping on more than a couple of occasions as they moved the ball up the middle and out wide. It didn’t take long before both teams worked out how to find the try line and some great tries were traded between the teams.





Racing & Eltham girls came on for round two, also lining up against Kiwi Hawthorn and Melbourne. Again, we saw some more great running, passing and defence from all sides.



Like last week, the girls felt the need to play on after the final whistle, so those that could still run took to the field for one last game. Finally our girls left the pitch with heads held high but certainly feeling like they had been in a match….or three!


A huge thank you to Melbourne RUFC for making the day possible and for letting our girls visit your club. Also thank you again to Racing and Eltham for your continued support of the girls game. We appreciate the schedules may jump around from week to week as clubs fit us in but its all helping us to work out optimum time slots for future games, so thank you all for your support, great ideas & feedback as we go along.

But the final word must go to the notion of “finding a way” which the Melbourne girls did so on Saturday. Sure the time slot put pressure on many girls to make it to the ground before kick-off, but they found a way to make it onto the pitch, and score some great tries……even in their netball gear!!!!!!


See you ALL at Harlequins on Saturday at 2.45pm as the travelling roadshow continues 🙂