One of the great things about Rugby, they say, is that you can travel around the world with it: no matter where you go there’s a rugby club somewhere, looking for players.


Well I don’t know about travelling around the world with our U8s, but we have travelled around Melbourne!  This week we played at Melton and got a very warm welcome and a cracker of a game.


The boys and girls from Melton are good tacklers and very hard to stop with ball in hand.  Added to that, our boys took a while to acclimatise to the lack of mud and craters on the field, which meant we had some catching up to do by the end of the first half.


But what ticker! Not once did I see heads drop or shoulders slouch.  We came back out in the second half and scored early.  Then we seemed to find our rhythm, with some great offloads in the tackle the key to unlocking the tight Melton defence.


Some beautiful runs, with Captain Mitchell roaring down the side lines, were followed by great tries to Lucas, Billy, Darcy and Devonte.  Charlie brought it home with a dazzling step from the restart to run in the first uncontested try of the day and the last one of the game.

It was too quick for our intrepid photographer, but here’s one he was able to capture earlier in the game: determination!


Well played Kiwi Hawthorn.  Next week we’re home, playing Endeavour Hills.  Can’t wait!