Well it was our last game for the year, but I think we saved the best till last!IMG_4977

On an incredibly wet winter morning, even for Melbourne, the sun came out just as we were warming up, shined on until we finished, then bucketed down on the U10s!

IMG_5025IMG_5001The Racing Club share our home ground on Saturdays, so it was like playing your brother in the back yard.  Nice group of boys, with some very skilled and fast runners which made for an evenly contested game, played in great spirit.


We were fortunate enough to have three players from the all star U7s team join us and what an impact they made: running, off-loading, tackling.  They will be a force for years to come!IMG_5081Great vision…IMG_5084…nearly…IMG_5085…got him!IMG_5112What a step!

IMG_5135Our U8 boys have improved so much this year, now running with more confidence towards the try line (as opposed to the side line), off-loading and recycling the ball and spreading out to make a good defensive wall (happy to share our defensive system Nathan if you’re reading this).

IMG_5043How many smiles can you count?IMG_5120Sure there are moments of individual glory – like Devonte’s amazing swerving run through the entire Racing team to score a try from the restart – but what impresses me the most is the way the boys work together as a team, with every boy contributing.  It’s one of the great things about Rugby and what you’d expect from a team sport, but not always what you get.

IMG_5141Above all else these boys have shown great character this year, not giving up even when well behind on the scoreboard; not gloating when well ahead; getting up when knocked down; playing to the rules and respecting the referee, even when confronted by an opposition player losing his temper and misbehaving; turning up on the coldest Melbourne winter morning of the year!  How could you be anything but proud?

IMG_5184It’s a common refrain: Rugby builds character.  But at a time when it most sorely needs it, the character shown by these boys is building Australian rugby.

Can’t wait to see everyone back in 2018!