A glorious spring day and a magnificently muddy field set the scene for our girls as they took part in the Quins 7s Carnival today, finishing off the season that was “never meant to be!”

We started the year with 5 girls wanting to play rugby, although not quite ready for the contact version with the boys. Rather than lose them, we said “get some friends together, we’re going on the road”. The result of visiting other clubs and getting more girls involved, today culminated in 50 girls representing 8 clubs and playing some magnificent rugby under the Viva 7s non-contact format, a result that our girls may reflect on one day and see that along with the other girls & clubs they made a difference along the way. But today it was just another day-in-the-life for girls who love playing rugby with their friends..and play they did!




Representing Kiwi Hawthorn were Bella, Sunday, Alice, Flora, Poppy, Lola, Stella, Amelia & Pascale. Coach Pete was very proud of how they performed as a team and how much improvement has resulted from a lot of hard work at training, along with some excellent competition from the other clubs. Their skills have sharpened, decision making has improved and overall pace has increased to show great development over the season. We saw improvement across all of the clubs today and it was fantastic to see all of the girls showcase their sport. Leading the way today and earning the Best Team Player of the Day medal was Sunday, our team’s very own Florence Nightingale. Sunday is always making sure that all of the girls are safe & ok and is a great friend to all of the girls.

A massive thanks to the Quins 7s organisers for fitting us all into their day. It allowed the girls to have one last run with other clubs that have generously hosted us and then continued along with us each week on the roadshow to support the girls.

So whats next?

Firstly we met with the VRU last week who are extremely supportive and we can say that the inter-club Girls Viva 7s (or similar) will be a thing next year! Details are yet to be finalised but we are proud to say that the wheels are in motion. We will continue on next year bigger & better but for now we have put a line under a great season of junior girls rugby.

Secondly, the VRU have very kindly invited our girls along to the Goldfields 7s in Bendigo next month to play immediately before our Aussie Girls take on New Zealand, as the No.1 & No.2 teams in the world show our girls what their future may look like! It will be a fantastic opportunity for our junior girls to mingle with their heroes as they get up close & personal with the Aussie gold medalists. A lot of our growth this year has come from the opportunities presented to us by the VRU such as Wallabies & Rebels curtain raisers, Hot hands relays etc. etc. so we are grateful for their support which we know will continue on. So let us show our support in Bendigo on Saturday 21st October.

So finally, we want to say thank you to everyone for making it possible for the girls to play rugby this year, for making it fun and for remaining committed even at times when we didn’t quite know what direction we were heading in ourselves! Thank you to parents, grandparents, families, carers, coaches, referees, VRU, supporters and of course to the other clubs, Racing, Eltham, Melbourne, Powerhouse, Moorabbin, Harlequins and Box Hill.

But most of all, thank you to our Kiwi Hawthorn junior girls for bringing a whole lot of awesomeness to our club. The coach reckons you’re all a bit crazy and mostly you don’t listen……but when it counts, you switch on, play for your team, play for your friends and most importantly, have a lot of fun….and that’s why he wouldn’t want to coach any other team in the world!! Stay awesome girls!