The wonderful team of dentists at Hawthorn Dental Care have once again got behind our Club to offer professionally fitted, custom mouthguards to protect the teeth and gums of our young players, at Club prices.

As any coach or parent who has watched contact sport will tell you, kids spend half the game taking their mouthguard out, having a chat, putting it back in again, taking it out, chewing on it, putting it back in again, taking it out, dropping it, and so on.

This is all caused by poorly fitted boil & bite mouthguards and none of it is good for protecting their teeth at games or in training.

If you have never had a custom fitted mouthguard, you won’t believe the difference it makes. Not only does the mouthguard stay in, but players can actually talk reasonably well with it in, so there is no need to be constantly taking it out, putting it in, taking it out, dropping it, etc etc.

Having a dentist take a mould and then make a custom fitted mouthguard for your child usually costs around $200. But Stuart, Cecily and Chia-Hui, the super friendly team at Hawthorn Dental Care, love sport and they especially love kids sport, so they will provide the same custom fitted mouthguards to our Club members for just $120.

Yes it’s a lot of money. But think about what you pay for kids footy boots. Grab a pair of second hand boots from our free recycled boot box at your next training session and you’ve paid for a customer fitted mouthguard (don’t forget to donate your old pair at the same time!)

Click below to download the form, then email it to Hawthorn Dental, but get in quick, as they have a pretty full book at present and there is usually a 1 week turnaround on mouthguards after fitting.

The come in a great range of colours too!