Well it was great to be at home on the weekend and our Under 7s must have felt the home-side advantage playing particularly good rugby. It was a great team effort with all players getting some ball and at least seven tries scored.


Luke was the captain this week and Elias started the game with a great kick off. We had five tackles and tags before a great pass from Alice saw Leo find the try line.


Shortly after there was a quick succession of tries to Leo and Luke, with great passing and tagging from Tharan, Elias, Mani, Julien and a try to Henry.


Alice scored another two tries and a great run by Luke eventuated in another Kiwi Hawthorn try to Leo.


The team listened carefully to the rules and practiced staying onside. The tagging was particularly good as was our defence, which kept Moorabbin to three tries for the game.


Player of the game went to Elias for great tagging and passing.