Whoa, what an absolutely cracking game! Beautiful conditions and the boys from Eltham A sure brought their A game.

After a quick warm up, Adonai was named Captain and led our brave group out to play.  Adonai was in charge, getting the boys in the right spots before kicking off and chasing well to make the first tackle.


In the first half our boys were giving their all, but something was missing. Eltham were running hard and straight and they were tough to get to ground.  When we got the ball, we scored, but it was never easy, with strong defence and a very willing contest at the breakdown.

As is now becoming usual, Billy had a huge work rate around the rucks and mauls, clearing out the opposition and ripping the ball off them.  His no-nonsense approach is ruffling a few feathers with opposing clubs, but we love it!

Speaking of no-nonsense, Darcy is quickly becoming the master of the fend: this mysterious art sees opposition players bounce off him if they are tackling too high.

And speaking of bouncing off, that brings us to Abraham: when he gets the ball the crowd goes quiet as they watch him rumble.  It usually takes three or four of their players to get him to ground and then an enormous cheer goes up from the opposition benches: he’s that good, and that hard to get.  Of course the next cheer comes from our side, as our boys backing up, score, taking advantage of the holes in the defence that our Abraham tank has created!

And speaking of backing up, our two champions of the back-up are Charlie and Devonte, always following the ball, looking for space and snaffling every opportunity.

At half-time it was very close, but you’d have to say Eltham were looking the better team.  We had some much needed oranges, magic water and were ready to go.

Early in the second half, the game changed.  Devonte had a magnificent run up the right wing and could only be stopped by a high tackle.  No damage done, he took the free tap and passed to Lucas.  Cometh the moment, cometh the man.  Lucas, holding the ball in two hands, drifted left to the centre of the field, then straightened up and went for the line.  One, two, three Eltham players tried to stop him.  They couldn’t come close. Too big! Too fast!  It was the try that turned the tide.

Now with their confidence up, the boys threw the ball around, used their team mates and, as Lucas had shown them, ran straight for the line.  It was beautiful to watch.  Not that it was easy, in Eltham A we have certainly met our match, but it was great fun.

The boys are improving each week, both individually and as a team, which makes the best and fairest medal so difficult to decide, but our worthy winner this week was Abraham who was involved in everything, ran straight and hard and inspired his team to play their best. Well done Abraham!


Bring on next Saturday (and training on Tuesday)!