Rugby, as I’m sure you all know by now, is a game that requires some commitment.  Commitment to train, to play your best, to play for your team as well as yourself.  Sometimes it requires commitment from Mum and Dad as well, like driving from Cranbourne to Geelong for a rugby game on a Saturday morning when the mercury never reaches double figures!

But the commitment required by rugby is always handsomely repaid and it certainly was this morning: what a game!


Geelong, as this first game against them this season showed, are a very good team.  But I think it’s fair to say that our bunch of merry men (with a little help from a couple of ring-ins from Geelong) matched them, and that means we’re a pretty good team too.

Today, Darcy was our Captain and played a great Captain’s knock, always involved, always chasing the run-away player, always looking for a run with the ball and honing his fend.


Billy was also a standout – what an addition to our team.  Billy you are just getting better every week, tackling, ripping, getting involved and getting the ball.


Also hungry for the ball is Charlie, who has the best swerving step this side of Quade Cooper: great skills!


And when we just can’t get through the opposition line, we turn to our wrecking balls: Lucas and Abraham.  When they are running straight and hard, it takes three of the opposition to drag them down (if they can catch them)!


But today’s best on ground goes to Devonte.

I said at the start of this report that we found a way to match a very good Geelong side.  At one point in the game though, I wasn’t sure we would.  Geelong had just got a couple of quick tries in a row.  Legs were hurting, a little doubt started to creep in.  We had to find something special to lift us.

IMG_3956From the restart, Devonte was passed the ball and turned on the gas.  Wow what a run, flying past three Geelong players then deftly changing direction to avoid the sideline before diving for the try-line.  Suddenly our boys were back in the match and we never looked back.

Well done Devonte for a great game and for turning the tide, just when we needed it most!


See you all on Tuesday!