…and here come the sidesteps & dummy passes from the Harlequin girls as they bring all the moves, while our Kiwi Hawthorn girls continue on their road-trip!

Today the Harlequin Girls welcomed Kiwi Hawthorn, Eltham & Melbourne rugby clubs along for another great round of Girls Viva 7’s Inter-club rugby. It was somewhat of a milestone for us as for the first time we had to run two games simultaneously in order to get all of the games in, so it was a feast of great running, Viva 7’s rugby!

Harlequins lined up against Melbourne for the first game and both teams found their rhythm early on. There were some great skills on display as the ball moved quickly through the hands. The Harlequin’s previous rugby experience paid off early , but the Melbourne girls lifted their tempo and it was game on!



Across on the other field, our Kiwi Hawthorn girls were up against Eltham and like last week’s encounter they almost ran themselves into the ground in the first half!

With the first game behind them and after a short drinks break, the teams lined up for their next matches, Kiwi Hawthorn vs Melbourne and Eltham Vs Harlequins. Away we went again with great all round skills shown from all sides.





At the final whistle, we had witnessed some excellent rugby from all of the girls, many having played less than a handful of games. Team Player of the Day medals for the two games were awarded to Jaimie & Alice for great teamwork, well done girls!


So with our road-trip almost coming to an end, our aim as we took our girls to other clubs was to gain interest from girls (and clubs) across Melbourne. We started this year with 3-4 girls in our junior club and now have 18 along with 30-40 girls joining in from other clubs, and we’re just beginning! Girls/womens rugby is one of the fastest growing sports globally, in the US womens rugby is the fastest growing sport! Victoria has a huge talent pool of girls of all ages and abilities, they will thrive in our game once we encourage them along.

Our Junior committee are truly grateful to the families who have supported the girls this year. We appreciate that it hasn’t always been easy juggling other sports but when the feedback suggests that for many of the girls, rugby is now their number one sport then who knows, we may well be on to something 🙂

Next week we are back at home, hosting games at Kiwi Hawthorn RUFC. Details will be sent out on Wednesday.

See you ALL at training on Tuesday….and some of you girls have not completed your homework! I’ll make it easy for you by attaching it again…pay attention to the basics….catch, pass, find space, create space, pick and go (fast!), have fun & stay awesome!  Aussie Girls Gold Medal Final