Our remarkable run of sunny Saturday mornings continued this week, although it was quite cold in the quarry as we took on the pride of Endeavour Hills.


Will was named our Captain in recognition of the great effort he has put in at training since the start of the season, which is bearing fruit already on field.

Endeavour Hills have a very effective mix of players: some fast, some big and powerful, and nearly all with skills honed since before they could walk!

Certainly a great challenge for our team and a test of how far we’ve come in the month since our first game.


After the first five tries against us, you might be tempted to say, ‘not very far’. But that would be wrong.  What I saw was boys who knew what to do, but who the under the pressure of a powerful and quick opponent, lost their rhythm and forgot what to do.

Where last week our work at the breakdown shone, this week it was a mess.  But that problem can be corrected with practice and experience.  With practice and experience, our skills will shine under pressure and then we will be unstoppable.


And that gives me great confidence because I know our boys will train hard and will continue to steadily improve.

Of course Saturday’s game was not all one-way traffic.  Far from it.  There were some magnificent tries, gutsy tackling and the determination that makes our supporters so proud. IMG_9425.JPG

Special call out to Leo for an inspiring try and brave tackle work – the look on the face of the biggest player of a big Endeavour Hills team as he was challenged by our little lion was priceless.


Also special mention to Louis for his storming run to within a metre of the goal line.  Louis you are just getting better and better at this game – we can’t wait to see what you grow into!


But our medal for the player best showing the spirit of Kiwi Hawthorn went to Tom, who tackled and ran and scored and smiled the whole time, inspiring us all and reminding us you can have fun at this game no matter how cold it is!  Well done Tom, you are going from strength to strength!


Next week, a road trip to Victoria’s newest rugby club: Casey!